Railtek Transporters and Work Carts are ideal for rail line maintenance,
tie pickup, ditch and foliage clean-up, and brush control. Made in Kamloops, BC, Canada

Designers and Builders of Custom Maintenance of Way Equipment  

A more effective and efficient method of performing rail line maintenance.
This hydraulically driven lowbed utilizes the excavators' hydraulic system.

train track maintenance vehicle  



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The RAILTEK TRANSPORTER is manufactured in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. It was developed in response to contractors' needs for a more effective and efficient method of performing rail line maintenance. While the concept of an excavator working from a TRANSPORTER is not new, it took RAILTEK to develop the self-propelled TRANSPORTER into the versatile tool it is today.

The RAILTEK TRANSPORTER allows the operator to use a modern excavator as the power source to drive the TRANSPORTER from the safety and comfort of the excavator cab. Mowers, hydraulic clamshells (see www.gatergrapples.com), tie grapples, winches, etc. are some of the attachments the excavator can be equipped with to perform various tasks on, or beside, the train tracks.

A typical operator can place the TRANSPORTER on the rail, load the excavator, couple the hydraulics and be ready to operate in under 5 minutes. Unloading is just as quick and simple. If a train needs to pass the work site the TRANSPORTER can hop off the track, let the train pass, and be back with minimum of hassle or down time (and with no need to find a crossing).

Watch videos of the Railtek Transporter in action.

Railtek Transporter - https://youtu.be/RIAdssCghM0
Railtek Transporter with optional work cart https://youtu.be/BFKkuS-EMsU"
Railtek Rail Transporter Model 2400T https://youtu.be/2uSIn71dZ48

The RAILTEK WORK CART is light weight and durable. It is sealed to prevent mud and water from leaking onto the ballast. The WORK CART is sized to allow the excavator to reach from end to end to completely access materials or equipment being hauled. It has a low profile to allow the operator to easily see inside yet is still capable of handling at least 20 cubic yards of material.

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